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Welcome to SILVANVIP - the  №1 Belarus directory of luxury apartments and villas, realty services!

Whether you're searching for your new apartment, stalinka or house in beautiful Minsk, thinking about buying or selling your property, making an investment in rapidly growing Belarus real estate market, renting, short/long term leasing, or simply in search of a professional property management company – then you’ve come to the right place - SILVANVIPWe're here to help you! 


To get you started, we have picked the best offers from our prestigious partner "Silvan" - one of the oldest and most trustful real estate agency in Belarus, since 1997.

All apartmentsstalinka, houses and villas were thoroughly checked and proved by "Silvan" specialists.

We at SILVANVIP understand that “real estate” is more than just square metres, it’s your new home, your office space, your property, an investment in the future, your valued asset – it’s about you – it’s very personal.

SILVANVIP will become your personal real estate adviser. We shall start a successful continued business relationship that usually begins with a simple “hello” and we never say goodbye.

Contact us now, we’re looking forward to hear from you! 

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